Being able to easily and safely turn and spin while maintaining balance is a crucial part of the dance.

The recommended option is to wear a pair of Ballroom shoes with a suede or felt sole.

A standard ladies dance shoe featuring a Cuban heel of 1 to 1.5 inches is a popular choice. The heel height should be comfortable. Anything higher than 1.5 inches could be challenging for beginners. Those who prefer a flat shoe with no heel might consider a slip-on jazz shoe.

Amazon offers a wide variety of shoes for ladies and shoes for men.

The Ballroom Latin Salsa Sneaker Dance Shoes SERO106BBX is a particular favorite practice shoe.

Another shoe to consider is a Women/Men Standard Practice Social Dance Sneaker Beginner Ballroom Dancing Shoes.

If you're not quite ready to buy dance shoes, you can buy suede stick on sheets to attach to a pair of shoes you already have.

Beginner level dancers may wear heavy cotton socks to dance in prior to buying dance shoes.

Outside shoes and bare feet are not allowed on the dance floor.

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