Bring a new friend and be entered in a drawing for a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

A student who pays for the next full 12 week session no later than December 15th and invites a new student (who has not registered with Odyssey before) who also pays for the same full 12 week session.

How you are entered:
If a returning student (a student who has registered with Odyssey before) invites an eligibly new student then the returning student's name will be entered into the drawing.

If both students are new students (a student who has never registered with Odyssey before) then both student's names will be entered into the drawing.

The Odyssey Hand Dance Academy reserves the right to make final determination on a student's eligibility for the drawing.

The Amazon Gift Card will be issued as a digital gift card. Winners do not have the option to request cash in leu of the gift card.

Register for the drawing